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Empower your customers with free and efficient

Software & Cloud Customer Support Tools

Your customers deserve quick and user-oriented Customer Support. Just like your Software and Cloud services are.

Give it to them with OpenWidget. For free.

Empower Your Customers and Reduce Their Frustration

Sign up for OpenWidget and give users the tools they need to resolve issues independently. This will not only reduce the need to get your Support Team involved but will also increase the customers' satisfaction. After all, there's no better way to make your customers' day than to make them feel like heroes.

Engage With Your Customers

With our free Contact Form you can show your customers that you are always there and ready to address their problems promptly.

Answer Questions Before They Are Asked

Give customers the option to find answers to the most common questions before they even ask them. With our FAQ Template Widget, you can do just that, reducing the need to get your Support Team involved.

Show Customers That You Care

Give your customers a platform to share their thoughts and deliver a better product by tailoring it to their needs. With our Feedback Form Template , you can build stronger customer relations and increase your brand loyalty.

Bugs? What bugs?!

Bugs can still happen, no matter how good your Quality Assurance process is. But with our Bug Report Form, customers can help you smash them with a user-friendly bug reporting tool.

Not Only Self-Service: Engage With Your Customers and Promote Your Brand

With OpenWidget, you can provide your customers with free tools that will not only support them but also promote your brand. Give your customers the option to solve their problems and get familiar with your products.

Spotlight Your Top Products

Use our Product Cards and increase revenue from your top-selling products every time someone opens the widget.

Build Social Proof

With the Visitor Counter, you can not only give your visitors the option to make data-driven decisions about purchasing a product but also showcase your brand's popularity.

Showcase Your Brand's Personality

Your brand is more than just product pages and checkout – show it to your customers with our Instagram Feed and give your customers a tool to engage with you beyond using your service.

Deep Integration with Our JavaScript API

Elevate the user experience by integrating OpenWidget seamlessly into your website or web application. Our robust JavaScript API is designed to foster flexibility and customization, ensuring that you can mold the widget to meet the unique needs of your platform.

  • Adaptive UI: Integrate OpenWidget's UI components seamlessly into your application, ensuring a cohesive user experience.
  • Advanced Methods: Use our JavaScript API to interact with the widget added to your website in ways that are not possible by default. Want to change the default OpenWidget launcher to a custom one on your mobile website and trigger the maximized view only when a customer clicks a specific button? JS API is here to help!
  • HTML Attributes: With the OpenWidget-related attributes, you can create custom elements that will trigger the specific action within the widget on your website.
  • Guides for Developers: Even with dedicated JS API documentation, seeing a live example can sometimes explain more than just looking at raw data. With our dedicated guides for developers, you will learn how to implement some of our features on your website or within your app.

Our extensive documentation and developers' guides make integrating OpenWidget into your platform easier than ever. Leverage the power of our JavaScript API to deliver an unmatched, deeply integrated user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our suite of tools is designed to guide users towards self-resolution. From an extensive FAQ template to a bug report form, we provide resources that empower users to find answers and solutions on their own, enhancing user satisfaction and reducing support overhead.

Sure! At OpenWidget, we make sure to provide you with top-notch tools for software and cloud services, as well as the option to enhance it with your brand's personal image. Adjust the color palette, upload your logo and modify the welcome message to match the widget with your design. But that's not all! Configure and enable all the necessary features to enhance your customers' experience. All of that for free.

Adding OpenWidget to your ecommerce platform is easy! First, sign up for a free OpenWidget account and go to the Add to website section of your OpenWidget app. While there, copy the snippet code generated for your account and paste it right before the closing body tag of your website's HTML code. Once OpenWidget is added, all you need to do is to enable all the necessary features, and you are good to go!

As a WordPress user, you can easily add OpenWidget to your website with our dedicated plugin. Simply sign up for OpenWidget as described above, and install OpenWidget for WordPress with a few simple steps! You can find our WordPress plugin here: OpenWidget for WordPress, and like all of our features, it is completely free!

Sure! We prepared dedicated guides for one of the most popular platforms on the market: BigCommerce, Google Tag Manager, OpenCart, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Woocommerce. Feel free to check them out!

They are! All of our features, like the Bug Report or Feedback Form widgets, are available for you to use completely free of charge. That's right: there are no additional costs, and you don't need to provide your Credit Card details.

Popular platform ready

Unlock the full potential of popular platforms with OpenWidget. With a hassle-free installation, you'll be up and running in moments, ready to seize the benefits.

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You’re only 5 minutes away from supporting your store visitors with OpenWidget.