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All the tools you need to create exceptional

Customer Service

and build better relations with your customers

Running Customer Service can be tough. We want to change that by equipping you with every tool necessary to succeed.

For free.

Build Customer Service Exactly the Way You Want

No business is the same, but no matter what type of venture, customers will trust you more if they know they can get help anytime. By signing up for OpenWidget, you will get access to a variety of free Customer Service tools, with the option to choose the ones that you actually need.

Contact Form Widget

Use our free Contact Form and allow your customers to contact you anytime. Show them that you are always there, no matter what type of question they may have.

Frequently Asked Questions Widget

With our robust and free FAQ Template Widget, you give your customers the option to find the information they're seeking independently, eliminating the need to wait for your support's reply, thus increasing their satisfaction.

Feedback Form Widget

Let your customers share their thoughts about your products and services. With our free Feedback Form, you demonstrate that their opinions matter, fostering trust and loyalty among your customers.

Bug Report Form Widget

With our free Bug Report Form Widget , no issue will go unattended. Smash bugs and create a flawless user experience together with your customers.

Get More Than Just Customer Service Tools

With OpenWidget, you can provide your customers with free tools that will not only support them but also promote your products. Show them your latest deals, or use our AI-based Product Recommendations module to personalize their shopping experience.

Personalize Shopping Experience

By curating a list of personalized product suggestions, our free AI Product Recommendations allow you to personalize the shopping experience for each customer browsing through your store.

Social Proof Your Brand

By showing visitors how many people are currently visiting your platform, our free Visitor Counter can build your brand's social proof and increase sales conversion on your website.

Highlight Your Products

Use our free Product Cards Widget to spotlight your best-selling products or current sales. Increase revenue and ensure that your top products are noticed every time someone launches the widget.

Increase Social Media Engagement

Our free Instagram Widget marries your platform with your social presence, offering a cohesive and engaging user experience. Showcase your brand's personality and drive more traffic to your SoMe!

Kickstart Your Customer Service With Effortless Installation

OpenWidget, being a no-code solution, allows you to effortlessly incorporate the widget without the burden of hosting anything on your side. All you have to do is add our code snippet to your website, choose the features that will suit your needs, and you'll be up and running in no time. And all of that for free.

  • No Coding Skills Required: Integrate our widget using the provided snippet code in a matter of minutes.
  • Made for All Popular Platforms: With our dedicated plugin for WordPress and our official guides for various ecommerce platforms like: BigCommerce, Google Tag Manager, OpenCart, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Woocommerce, you can enhance your Customer Service and customers' experience with just a few clicks.
  • Designed With End-Users in Mind: Providing a clear and intuitive user experience for your customers stands at the forefront of our design.

Leverage the capabilities of seamlessly integrated free Customer Service tools to transform your approach to Customer Support.

JavaScript API: Tailor Interactions to Your Customers Needs

We understand that each business has unique requirements, and developers often want more control over how widgets behave. With our JS API, we want to empower you to create custom interactions and controls for the OpenWidget on your website or app.

With the JavaScript API, you'll have the ability to:

  • Minimize: Collapse the OpenWidget to a discreet bubble (OpenWidget's launcher) – shape recognized by millions across the web.
  • Maximize: Expand the OpenWidget to its full view.
  • Hide: Conceal the OpenWidget temporarily.
  • Destroy: Remove the OpenWidget completely, making it unavailable until your customer refreshes a page or an app.

You can also use our new Asynchronous Initialization option to load your OpenWidget on demand – useful when you'd like to trigger the widget after your customers agree to cookies or only after they are logged into your app. Check out our Developers Documentation to learn more!

HTML Attributes: Benefits of JS API with No Coding Skills Required

We understand that not everyone is a developer. To make things easier for anyone who would still like to use advanced customization options but doesn't have the knowledge of JavaScript, we want to introduce you to our HTML Attributes.

This user-friendly solution empowers you to create tailored interactions without delving into JavaScript. To give you an example, think about the possibility of creating your own widget launcher that will maximize OpenWidget with a Bug Report Form already opened. Just like this one:

To learn more about HTML Attributes and how to implement them, visit our comprehensive Developers Documentation. Together with the dedicated HTML Attributes Guide, you should be able to start using the advanced customization options in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

By designing with both ecommerce and end-users in mind, our widget ensures instant responses, tailored product suggestions, and seamless integration, lifting the standard of everyday Customer Support that you can provide.

Sure! At OpenWidget, we make sure to provide you with top-notch Customer Service tools, as well as the option to improve it with your brand's personal image. Adjust the color palette, upload your logo and modify the welcome message to match the widget with your design. What's more, you can choose which tools to use, ensuring that your Customer Service will be tailored to your audience.

Adding OpenWidget to your website is easy! First, sign up for a free OpenWidget account and go to the Add to website section of your OpenWidget app. While there, copy the snippet code generated for your account and paste it right before the closing body tag of your website's HTML code. Once OpenWidget is added, all you need to do is to enable all the necessary features, and you are good to go!

As a WordPress user, you can easily add OpenWidget to your website with our dedicated plugin. Simply sign up for OpenWidget as described above, and install OpenWidget for WordPress with a few simple steps! You can find our WordPress plugin here: OpenWidget for WordPress, and like all of our features, it is completely free!

They are! All of our features, like the Product Recommendations or Instagram Feed widgets, are available for you to use completely free of charge. That's right: there are no additional costs, and you don't need to provide your Credit Card details.

Popular platform ready

Unlock the full potential of popular platforms with OpenWidget. With a hassle-free installation, you'll be up and running in moments, ready to seize the benefits.

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Bug Report Form

Smash bugs and create a flawless user experience together with your customers.

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Feedback Form Template

Collect feedback from your website visitors and improve your products and services with the Feedback Form Template.

You’re only 5 minutes away from supporting your store visitors with OpenWidget.